10 Famous Disney Child Actors: Then And Now

Some of these Disney child actors have changed so much over the years.

Who wasn’t a fan of Disney during their childhood? We have all enriched our youth with funny and loving cartoons and Disney shows. Disney has given a lot of child stars, and they are all grown up now, some of them changed so much that you won’t recognize them anymore.

1. Moisés Arias
Moisés Arias You can’t forget this adorable evil child Rico! And his acting career hasn’t stopped since Hannah Montana. He’s gone on to star in The Kings Of Summer and even voiced Antonio in Despicable Me

2. Lalaine
LalaineShe was a trendsetter when it comes to funky hairstyles, playing the role of Miranda Sanchez in ‘Lizzie McGuire.’ Ever since then, she has been focusing on a career in music. She played bass guitar in the band Vanity Theft until 2011. Now she works on solo projects.

3. Bobb’e J. Thompson
Bobb’e J. ThompsonEveryone still remembers that annoying kids in That’s So Raven, right? Well, Bobby has had some more acting opportunities, and is now mainly focusing on his rapping career.

4. Carly Schroeder
Carly SchroederThe Melina Bianco actor in ‘Lizzie McGuire’ played the lead in ‘Gracie’ in 2007, but hasn’t done much ever since.

5. Steven Anthony Lawrence
Steven Anthony LawrenceHe played Beans in ‘Even Stevens’ and had a very varied career as a child actor, but the success did not continue into his adult life.

6. Brenda Song
Brenda SongShe played London Tipton in ‘The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody’ and made a transition into mainstream cinema with films such as The Social Network and Scandal.

7. Olesya Rulin
Olesya RulinAfter starring in the High School Musical series, the Kelsi Nielsen actor played many roles in films such as Flying By (2009), Expecting Mary (2010) and Family Weekend (2013).

8. Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Dylan and Cole SprouseThe twins of ‘The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody’ have now moved away from acting and are focusing on art and photography.

9. Jemma McKenzie-Brown
Jemma McKenzie-BrownTiara Gold in ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year,’ but her story afterwards isn’t as happening. She has vanished into thin air, even deleting her Instagram account, only going to prove that not everyone is cut out for the spotlight.

10. Madison Pettis
Madison PettisShe played Sophie Martinez in ‘Cory In The House,’ and has remained loyal to her Disney roots ever since. She has worked in Horton Hears A Who!, Phineas And Ferb and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and 3, and is currently voicing Zuri in the animated series The Lion Guard.