Michael Jackson’s Face Transformation Over The Years

Michael Jackson the King of Pop and his transformation over the years

1. MJ As a teenager
Michael Jackson teenager To start off with the first picture of Michael Jackson, you can see him as young teenager in his younger years appearing all natural. This is how he used to look in his early phase before he became famous.

2. MJ In his 20’s
20's This photo was taken at the time when Michael released his albums ‘Bad’ and ‘Thriller’.

3. Thriller MJ
Hairstyle ThrillerThe success of MJ’s album ‘Thriller’ brought some significant changes to his hairstyle.

4. Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery The explanation for this sudden color change was because of a rare skin disorder. The dramatic changes to his face like the shape of his nose, or widening of his eyes proved he was pretty much into plastic surgery.

5. Michael Jackson got addicted to plastic surgery
Plastic surgery addictionMJ’s music and dance performance may be outstanding, Michael Jackson will always be remembered for his addiction to plastic surgery.

6. Brand new MJ
white mjThe color of his skin changed so dramatically over the years that he went several shades lighter than when he was born.

7. Porcelain Doll
Porcelain DollThat awkward moment when his face wasn’t ‘his face’ anymore.

8. Final look
Last appearance Michael JacksonThe final look of MJ When he unfortunately died.

9. How MJ could have looked without plastic surgery
Without plastic surgeryWith the help of a face simulator and face aging technology, experts came to the conclusion that this is how MJ could have looked at the age of 50 (also the age that he passed away) without undergoing any plastic surgery or any other cosmetic treatments.