24 Things We Should Never Do In Life

  1. Never avoid your problems. Muster the will and courage to confront them. They won’t go away unless you act on them.
  2. Never lock yourself in your ivory tower. Before you judge people poorer than you for their values, find out and understand why they have them in the first place. Key trait to achieving this: empathy
  3. Never entertain radical beliefs. Adopting them just makes you a hateful, intolerant prick, not to mention dangerously stupid and close-minded.
  4. Never smoke. What you ultimately get for being the “cool kid” is not lasting happiness but lung cancer. It’s really not worth it.
  5. Never not use your head. Don’t ever make decisions on a whim. Pause and think. Weigh the pros and cons properly and factor in the consequences.
  6. Never use drugs. There’s a reason why my country is averse to them. They’ve ruined and taken lives, destroyed families, undermined public safety and endangered children. Just please don’t.
  7. Never not shower. I swear, man, there’s nothing appealing with looking and smelling like a slob.
  8. Never throw away your education. Get good grades and witness great opportunities open doors for you.
  9. Never have sex with someone you just met without a condom. A few minutes of orgasmic paradise for a potential STD or an unplanned baby as a parting gift? No thanks.
  10. Never be lazy. Use some of your free time playing League of Legends for reading something of value and insight.
  11. Never lose your temper on a loved one. You’re going to say and do things you’ll soon regret, things that may cause irreparable damage to your relationship with that person.
  12. Never be too agreeable. Don’t be afraid to say no and defend your dignity. Be assertive. People will respect you more.
  13. Never underestimate the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Avoid pulling all-nighters as much as possible. Your cognitive capacities function best when you’re well-rested.
  14. Never be an ingrate. Is it really bad to be grateful to someone you really hate for doing you or others a favor?
  15. Never judge someone with a mental disorder. But it’s all in the head?! No, you asshole, it may not be real to you but to them, it’s hell.
  16. Never burn bridges. Don’t dispose of your good relationships with your colleagues just because you associate them with the job you hate. Someday, they might be of help to you.
  17. Never be too religious. You can be wholly devoted to your God without sacrificing reason.
  18. Never bottle up your feelings. They’ll chew you up slowly and painfully. It’s okay to vent out but do it with the right person at the right time.
  19. Never not admit you’re wrong. It’s only your pride that gets wounded. If you fuck up, be humble, apologize and make up for it.
  20. Never ignore someone’s insights just because you disagree with them. No matter how much you loathe someone, sometimes you may learn a thing or two from them. A broken clock is right twice a day.
  21. Never trust anyone too quickly. Not all people are good. Some of them won’t hesitate to use you, if not harm you for their personal gain or amusement.
  22. Never rush into a relationship. Be more discerning when it comes to choosing your partner. Don’t just settle for looks; take their attitudes and values into account as well. And take your time to know them intimately.
  23. Never spend more than what you earn. Live well within your means. Be content with what you have. It makes no sense shopping luxury brands when you’re barely able to pay your bills.
  24. Never rape someone. Rape is never, ever good and anyone who thinks otherwise is a sick fuck. And yes, there’s such thing as male rape.

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