5 Insane Things Humans Have Survived

1. An 18-inch drill bit through the head

Yep, it happened. In 2003, construction worker Ron Hunt was working on a ladder with a massive chip auger drill. Unfortunately, the ladder was unsafe and poorly secured and he fell. Following safety procedures, he tossed the drill when he realized he was falling, but inevitably fell on the bit, pushing it through his socket and out the side of his head, over his right ear.


Lucky for him, the bit pushed his brain aside like an egg yolk, instead of puncturing it, enabling him to survive. It’s a one in a million shot, and he walked away with only a missing eye and some nerve damage. Even more WTF is how the docs took the bit out – by unscrewing it.

2. Trapped in a sunken boat for 60 hours

Harrison Okene was a cook on a Nigerian tugboat, when a rogue wave slammed into the vessel and snapped their tow rope, causing the ship to capsize. Okene happened to be in the bathroom at the time and was able to make his way to the engineers office. There, he found an air pocket, while the ship settled, upside-down on the bottom of the ocean-100 feet down. After building himself a little place to rest, he waited for the end.


He wasn’t found until 3 days later, having spent 60 hours in freezing water, clad only in his boxer shorts, with no food or clean water. Divers were only looking to recover bodies, when they discovered Okene barely alive. He was given a spare set of scuba equipment and put into a decompression chamber and brought to the surface. He has no lasting effects from his time down there, and has vowed to stay away from the sea.

3. Plane crash in the Andes

In October of 1972, a plane carrying 45 people crashed in the Andes, with only 27 survivors. Battling no food, and harsh conditions, they had to feast on the dead bodies in the snow, and take shelter in the plane’s fuselage to survive.


The search for the survivors lasted 8 days, and then conditions made it difficult to search and implausible that anyone would survive that long, as they had no cold weather gear or footwear, and when the survivors heard that the search was called off on the radio, they lost hope.The survivors endured for 2 months, until 2 men took a 10-day trek to find help and finally did, sending rescue teams to rescue the 16 that made it through those months.

4. Surviving not one, but two, nuclear bombs during WWII

Not many people can claim that the’ve survived a nuclear explosion, but Tsutomu Yamaguchi can. He was in Hiroshima for a business trip and was about to return home, when he tuned back to get his transportation documents. Shortly after, the first bomb was dropped 2 miles away, and he was badly burned by the blast. Officials, however, didn’t think he was wounded enough to be hospitalized, so he was sent home to Nagasaki.


When he got there, he tried to explain to his boss what had happened, but was dismissed as he didn’t believe that a bomb big enough to destroy an entire city, existed. Then the second bomb hit; again only 2 miles away. Once again, Yamaguchi survived, this time without a scratch.Apart from fever and vomiting, he displayed no overt radiation-poisoning symptoms and died at the age of 93 of stomach cancer.

5. This is an incredible story about a French socialite Blanche Monnier

Photos: Courtesy of Vintage News Daily

Blanche was a beautiful young woman. Born into a family of aristocrats in Paris, France, her family was very protective of their only daughter. In 1876 she fell in love with a lawyer that was not only older than her, but broke as well. Blanche’s mother developed an intense hatred for this man and demanded Blanche end the relationship. But Blanche had fallen in love with this man and had set her heart on marrying him.

Then one day, Blanche just vanished. Nobody in France would ever see her again. Her family would tell anyone who inquired that Blanche had passed away- quite suddenly. Her family mourned her and went on with their daily lives. Little did anyone know that the Monnier family was hiding a terrible secret.

On May 23, 1901, the office of the attorney general of Paris received a mysterious letter. The letter read: I have the honor to inform you of an exceptionally serious occurrence. I speak of a spinster who is locked up at the home of Madame Monnier’s house, half starved and living in putrid filth, for the last 25 years.

Shocked by the letter, the police began to investigate despite the family’s sterling reputation in the community. Police officers broke into the house and searched the premises for Blanche. They found nothing. As they were preparing to leave, an officer noticed a staircase that led to an attic. The officers rushed upstairs only to find the door padlocked. They broke the door down. They heard nothing and the room was pitch black. There was an ominous foul odor coming from the room. A lantern gave them some light as they rushed toward the only window in the attic. The boards were promptly removed, allowing better light into the attic. There, in the corner was a bed. Officers carefully removed the blanket, and were horrified by what they saw.

An extremely malnourished woman, cowering in the bed, covered in food and feces, squinting in the light she had not seen for 25 years. Now weighing only 55 lbs, it would later be determined, she had been kept in this attic for nearly a quarter of a century never exposed to light or another human being in all that time.

A witness described this gruesome discovery. This woman was laying naked on a straw mattress. All around her a crust had formed from excrement, food scraps, oyster shells, vegetables, fish and rotten bread. Her only companions were the rats, bugs and insects that ran across the bed.”

Madame Monnier, Blanche’s mother who had won an award from the Committee of Good Works for her generous contributions to the city, was immediately arrested. She would die 15 days later in prison after confessing to the abysmal abduction of her own daughter. This punishment continued even after Blanche’s fiancee’ died just a few years after her imprisonment.

The years of cruelty, imprisonment and lack of proper nutrition took a toll on Blanche and although she received excellent medical care that was made available to her, she died thirteen years later from a combination of health related issues.

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