Amazing Facts About Bali Jatra Indian


In the state of Odisha, there is a festival with the theme of Nusantara. This festival is named: Bali Yatra
Bali Yatra which means a trip to Bali in Odisha language is an annual festival which is held in the Hindu month of Kartik (October-November) to be precise during the full moon in Odisha. This festival is held to commemorate the maritime tradition of Odisha’s ancestors who previously sailed to Java and Bali for trade and cultural exchange. They usually travel to the archipelago during the full moon in the month of Kartik because of the favorable monsoons for them to sail.

Boita type ship. In the past, Odisha traders used this ship to sail to the archipelago.

During the festival, people make artificial boats (made from banana or paper stems) filled with betel leaves, areca nuts and nuts as symbols of merchandise as well as small candles for added appeal. They put the artificial ship on the banks of the Mahanadi River, Brahmani or the sea in the morning and the people sing the song Aa ka ma boi, pan gua thoi to commemorate Odisha’s past maritime glory.


Bali Yatra does not only place artificial boats on the banks of rivers or the sea, but there is also a festival in Cuttack, Odisha. During the festival, there are amusement parks and thousands of stalls of traditional food and crafts. Not only that, Bollywood artists were also involved to enliven the biggest festival as Odisha. Unfortunately for this year the festival is not being held due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A snapshot of last year’s Bali Jatra Festival.

Last year, Indonesia was invited for the first time to participate in the Bali Jatra Festival. To enliven the event, Indonesia sent dancers from Bali and also set up stalls as a means to promote Indonesian tourist attractions in Odisha, India.


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