Amazing Facts About flip-flops Sandals

flip flops have y strap

Flip flops are a simple footwear that still exists today. Made of rubber, it makes the wearer feel incomparable comfort. Indonesian people no longer use flip-flops because they are sold at a cheap price and are in great demand.

Why do you have to wear flip flops?

  1. Cheap and more practical
    Price is the main consideration in buying something. Flip flops fall into the category of cheap goods. So you just have to choose the type of model you like. The shape of the sandal is also very simple. Wherever you go, you just have to wear it. In addition, flip-flops can also be used for watery or dry areas.
  2. Good for joints
    Based on a study conducted by Najia Shakoor, MD, of the University Medical Center of Chicago, flip-flops do not force the knee joints too much when walking. If you wear running shoes or flat shoes, the pressure in your joints increases by 15% if you wear sandals. So love your joints with flip flops.
  3. Make you relax
    The minimalist design and attractive colors make flip-flops wearers feel more relaxed and relaxed. Based on research from Northwestern University, the clothes you wear can affect a person’s psychological condition. Because casual sandals come in casual wear, they can make you feel more.

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