Covid-19 Vaccine’s Side Effects

Transparency of the side effects of the Covid – 19 vaccine needs to be known and conveyed in advance to prospective recipients so that this information can be known and received well so that potential recipients can be ready and anticipate it.

The giving of the Covid – 19 vaccine is indeed very enthusiastically received by the world community, but don’t imagine that it is very pleasant with this vaccine.


Dr. Sandra Fryhofer from the American Medical Association said the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna required two doses at different intervals. As a practicing doctor, he said he worries about whether his patients will return for a second dose because of the potentially unpleasant side effects they might experience after the first injection. There may be many side effects that must be received and this should not make someone avoid giving the second injection because of the side effects.

If this happens then the first injection of the first injection will be in vain and the expected immune system will be destroyed so that the final program of this vaccine will fail completely.

The following are some of the things that are possible side effects:

Fever and Pain

This complaint was submitted by Luke Hatchinson, a computational biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who volunteered for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial. After the injection, his arm immediately swelled to the size of a “goose egg,” said Hutchison.
He couldn’t confirm he was getting the vaccine or placebo, but within hours, the healthy 43-year-old was stricken with unbearable bone and muscle pain and a high fever of 38.9 ° C. Her body was shivering and had the thought of making an emergency call 911.
Hutchison’s symptoms started to go away after 12 hours and according to him nothing had conveyed or prepared him for this possible side effect which was so severe.
The researchers themselves revealed that only 2% of cases would experience this complaint and at the second injection the side effects would be heavier but not dangerous, but this is still a possible side effect.

Nausea and Vomiting

Ian Haydon, about 12 hours after receiving the injection last May, was shivering with severe headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea and fever that reached 39.6 ° C and then went to the emergency room and vomited and ended up fainting. After being treated in hospital for about 24 hours later the symptoms began to subside.
Ian Haydon received an injection of 250 micrograms and in response to this side effect Moderna, the development company, reduced the dosage to 100 micrograms for further research.


Another complaint was submitted by a female volunteer in her 50s in North Carolina who experienced migraines so that she could not carry out her daily activities and only disappeared the next day. He advised vaccine recipients to take a day off after giving the vaccine to anticipate this.

Pain in the muscles and arms from the injection

This is a common reaction in fact in all vaccines it can have side effects like this.

Patsy Stinchfield, a nurse practitioner for Children’s Minnesota, advised the authorities to communicate this possible side effect in more optimistic language so that it could be better accepted by the public such as saying that this complaint is a response from the body to gain immunity rather than saying it is a side effect. which is detrimental.

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