In World War 2, Trench Warfare Tactics Were No Longer Used

In World War 2, the trench warfare strategy was ineffective, reflecting on the experience of World War 1.


Soldiers who live in the trenches really experience a lot of disturbance where the soldiers often contract disease due to the corpses of soldiers in the trenches that are not maintained, always disturbed by fear considering the threat of bombs who do not know when it will come, if it rains they are very disturbed because mud always enters the trench when it rains.

Especially since the discovery of various more modern weapons such as tanks that can cross trenches as wide as 2 meters, bomber planes, other fighters that can maneuver more agile, flamethrowers with their firepower can spread and are able to kill all contents of trenches, and so on. May pose a greater risk of death to soldiers who remain in the trench.

US flying fortress boeing bomber F-17
National Interst
Imperial Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter

In addition, trench warfare also took a long time, and caused many casualties with the achievement of advancing the defense line in just a few kilometers.

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